While flipping through the pages of my monthly Vogue I came across a MUI MUI advertisement featuring these perfectly adorned black fuzzy slippers. I immediately fell in love- and then I saw the price tag.

950 DOLLARS!? The overhead that designers make on a pair of slippers made of faux fur and fake pearls is outrageous.

Since there was no way I was ever spending almost a grad on a pair of slippers, I decided to make a pair of my own!

Through trial and error I managed to create a pair of slippers that cost me $42 to make: that includes the price of the slippers, beads, string, bead caps, etc.


Time to complete project: 4 Hours

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: (cost may vary)

  • Pair of fuzzy clog slippers                                            $20
  • 14, 17.78cm glass pearl beads (small)                       $1
  • 44, 30.48cm glass pearl beads (medium)                $2
  • 28, 16mm glass pearl beads (large)                           $7
  • 86, tiny crystal beads                                                    $5
  • 86, bead caps ranging from small to large size       $7
  • Strong beading thread
  • Sewing/ beading needle

*Don’t be afraid to choose different colors for your slippers, pearls and crystals!

Step 1:

Depending on how fuzzy the slippers are that you purchased, you will want to do a little slipper grooming before starting to bead. To ensure that your beadwork really pops, trim the fur on the top of the slipper to just above the width of your fingers. Don’t stress too much about everything being the same length because most of the top will be covered in pearls.

Step 2:

Using pins, mark where you want the middle row of pearls. You will only have to do this for the middle row, as it will act as a guide for sewing on the remainder of your beads.

Step 3:


Time to start beading! Thread your needle and start beading where the center most pin is located. Starting with your smallest pearl in the middle, approach with your needle from underneath the top of your slipper. Thread the needle through the bead cap, pearl, then crystal. To secure the bead, circle back through the pearl, bead cap, and back through the top of the slipper (see diagram). The middle row will consist of alternating 7 small pearls, and 8 medium-sized pearls

Continue this same pattern for the remainder of the middle row, removing pins as you go. I recommend tying a secure knot after every pearl to ensure your beads stay tight.

Step 4:

Now that your middle row is complete, you can use it as a guide for your next two rows of large pearls. On both sides of your middle row, attach the large 16mm pearls. You will end up with two rows of 7 large pearls on each side of your middle row. These beads are the heaviest, so make sure they are on there tight!

Step 5:

Again, using your already sewed on pearls as a guide, use your medium-sized pearls to create your final two outside rows- 7 medium-sized pearls per row. Once completed, check to make sure all of your pearls are tightly secured, you can thread through the pearls a second time if you find some loose ones. Then tie a final securing knot and you’re done!


Love your DIY creation?

Send me a picture or post it in the comments section, I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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