Today, nearly half of all US consumers prefer shopping online for clothes.


One reason is because shopping malls have become increasingly boring. No matter what department store you walk into, you’re likely to see a very similar selection everywhere you go.

“Today’s retailers face a tsunami of problems but none, in my opinion, is more deadly than the pandemic of sheer consumer boredom that shoppers are being subjected to,” retail expert Doug Stephens writes on his blog, The Retail Prophet. “Most retail is just painfully boring. In fact, the majority of store chains, malls and shopping centers have become beacons of boredom, monuments to mediocrity and havens of ho-hum.”

And it all breaks down to sales. If a retailer can’t sell something in high volume, no matter how fashionable or unique, they won’t feature it on the sales floor.

Personally, this is why I do the majority of my shopping online. It’s easy to find unique designs, original pieces, and fashion forward garments at the click of a button. This is true for the online store Knitted Belle Boutique.

I was instantly captivated by all the fun patterns and prints on their garments. So often I find styles I love, but not in a fun color or print that really inspires me to purchase. Knitted Belle was an exception.

A lot of items on their site are so unique and beautiful in color and pattern that I had the hardest time narrowing down my selection! Thankfully the items they carry are very reasonably priced so I could get multiple items without breaking the bank.

I’ve always thought the one downside to online shopping is the loss of any personal connection. Large online retailers are great, but they have so many orders pouring in everyday that they don’t have time to add any personal touches.

I was thrilled when I opened my package from Knitted Belle to see a hand-written note with my name on it! They also had included additional little goodies like a pink pom-pom key chain and a pair of cute lace socks!

The extra personal touches made me feel like they really cared about having me as a customer, and appreciated my business. The shipping was also super fast, and I received multiple emails notifying me when my package was mailed, in-transit, and finally out for delivery.

Knitted Belle creates meaningful connections with their customers and has an amazing product line to keep you coming back. You won’t find these styles in a mall!

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