I use my smartphone for everything- checking emails, engaging in social media, taking photos and communicating with friends. But what I probably use it for the most is checking the time.

However, pulling out an iPhone or phone in general isn’t appropriate in a lot of settings. For example, during work meetings I always find it rude if someone has their phone on the table, to me it represents a distraction. Even if someone pulls a phone out of their back pocket to check the time, it’s unclear to everyone else in the room what’s going on- are they checking their messages, did they get a call?

There are countless scenarios where it’s impolite, or simply difficult to check the time on your phone…

  • During class.
  • In a meeting.
  • At work.
  • Driving.
  • Out on a first date.
  • When your phone is buried in your purse.
  • When your hands are full.
  • When your phone battery dies…

There are countless things that a smart phone is good for- but checking the time is not one of them.


Instead of making a scene with your cell phone, imagine taking a short glance down at your wristwatch. It’s clear what you’re doing- checking the time and nothing else.


That’s why I love my Welly Merck watch. Welly Merck’s quality Swiss made watches are sleek, stylish, and allow me to check the time without being distracting to anyone else. I chose the rose gold watch because I love the color and the band is simply beautiful. But, if I get bored with a solid strap Welly Merck watches have changeable straps so I can coordinate my watch with any outfit in any season! There is a sophisticated feeling when wearing a watch that simply can’t be achieved any other way.

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