I’ve always have a really hard time picking out cases for both my phone and computer. There are multiple reasons for this…

  • I can’t invest in a million cases, so the cases I pick will be around for a long time (aka I have to still like them after a few months)
  • Protective, double layer phone cases can run up to $100+
  • I never like any of the available deigns or basic colors

What it ultimately boils down to is that I wanted a protective case with a beautiful design that wouldn’t break my budget.

CaseApp had my solution!

On CaseApp you can upload your own designs, pick from one of theirs, or create one on their website! (I must admit I spent hours playing around on their design templates)

As someone who’s always looking for an excuse to do an art project, I decided I wanted to design my own laptop skin and protective phone case.

My first task was to create the background. Using a piece of cardboard and watered-down acrylic paint I created a colorful and fun backdrop that perfectly fits my personality!

After my masterpiece dried I snapped a picture, uploaded it onto my computer and used Photoshop to add my “SweatChic” typeface for the laptop skin. All I had to do after that was upload the image onto the CaseApp site, size it and submit it!

One nifty feature about CaseApp’s site is that it alerts you if your image is going to appear blurry or pixilated because of poor resolution. This helps ensure that you never order and pay for a sub-par product.

For the phone case, I uploaded my colorful backdrop and sized the image to fit the case on the CaseApp site. I then grabbed one of the palm trees from CaseApps design tools to lay on top of my image and voila!

After I placed my order (a protective double-layer phone case and laptop skin- both for under $80!) I couldn’t wait to receive them in the mail! When they arrived I was so happy to see how my designs had come to life! The colors, typeface, sizing, and coating was perfect! I have received SO many compliments on both my phone and laptop case!

Click HERE to start designing your own personalized phone case and laptop skin and use code EMARIE20 to receive 20% off! (code valid until Sep. 23rd)


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