For me, panty shopping is always an expensive trip. Even at  post-holiday sales, pretty lacy panties can still run up to $10 a pair!

What do over-priced panties buy you?

  • Not necessarily more comfort or quality
  • Sadness when your “time of the month” shows up early and you’re sporting your brand new $15 pair (Ladies, we’ve all been there!)
  • Less money to spend on other “necessities”
  • Less pairs, meaning less variety and more loads of laundry

Recently I discovered an affordable alternative, and I don’t even have to leave my house! For only $12 /month BootayBag delivers two pairs of gorgeous panties catered to my personal style right to my front door (US shipping is free!).

I’ve been subscribed to BootayBag for three months now and am still excited to open my cute, “Hello Babe” bags to see what’s new. I’ve received a variety of lacy thongs and cheeky panties and haven’t been disappointed with a single pair yet.

I also love that BootayBag is charitable. Every time someone posts a picture of their BootayBag to Instagram with the hashtag #undermatters, the company donates $1 to the Melanoma Foundation.


What styles would you choose? Thongs? Cheeky? Or a mix?
Comment below! ↓

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