What Is SweatChic?

SweatChic is Determination.

SweatChic is Individuality.

SweatChic is Confidence.


 What does it mean to be SweatChic? It means you’re working up a sweat at your job and at the gym because you are a strong, determined and hard-working woman. It means brushing off the haters, ignoring beauty “standards” and learning to love yourself just the way you are. It means dressing in clothes that make you feel confident and walking with your head held high, because the world is your runway and you are SweatChic.

We are also Dr. Approved!

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Meet The Author


ERIN MARIE: Founder & Author

Erin attended Emerson College where she earned a dual-degree in Marketing Communication, with an emphasis on research marketing, and Journalism. She has been a contributing author to several research books, and was the youngest speaker at the International Facet Theory conference in New York in 2015. She has spent time working and living in Boston, MA, Los Angeles, CA, and Portland, OR where she currently resides.

Erin takes pride in volunteering and educating the community. She has been a volunteer Big-Sister, dog-walker, participated in AIDS walks, and hopes to become an educational speaker for RAINN.


Starting from a young age, intentionally mismatching her socks to make a statement, Erin had an interest in fashion. As she grew up and explored the world she absorbed all the different regional fashions, from laid back California beach babes, to the New York businesswoman. She now shares her unique personal style through DIY creations, fashion shoots, and articles.


At 16-months-old Erin was skiing mountains- with the assistance of her black-diamond trained instructor (a.k.a mom) of course. Throughout her life Erin has involved herself in a plethora of sports. She was involved in soccer from kick-and-chase through high school. Danced tap, point ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary from the age of seven through college. She continues to ski and is now a triple-black diamond skier. She was backpacking in the North West wilderness before she could even walk, and continues to backpack today. She is also a certified scuba diver, a black belt in Taekwondo and has participated in Tough Mudder.


Growing up with a doctor for a father and a pharmaceutical sales rep for a mother, Erin was constantly being taught how to live healthy. From a very young age Erin was taught never to eat “fast food,” drink sugary sodas, or touch a cigarette. Her parents taught her the importance of healthy eating, how to read the health facts on the back of foods, and how to cook. Today, she and her family continue to educate themselves on healthy eating and what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.